Local actress Zarina Anjoulie goes on four-minute rant, defending her preference for rich men (VIDEO)

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Sep 1 — Actress and influencer Zarina Anjoulie Lavocah Mohd Fahizul has admitted that she’d rather date rich men than go back to dating broke ones.

The beauty ambassador of cosmetics company Inayah Beauty said this in a video on Instagram yesterday, in response to rumours that she was back with former fiancée Datuk Seri Khazrul Elzey.

In the video lasting four minutes and 35 seconds, which was also posted on TikTok, the 35-year-old defended her preference for dating rich men, seeming to confirm the rumours that she was indeed back with Khazrul.

“If we’re meant to be or if we’ll mess it up again, I don’t know,” said Zarina, better known as Anjou.

While she thanked fans who were genuinely concerned for her, she had this to say to those who accused her of going back to Khazrul for his money: “Yeah, I definitely only want men with deep pockets, I don’t want to date poor guys.”

She added that she’s had her fair share of poor men she had to support and would never do it again.

“If you want to do that, it’s on you girl, I respect that,” said Anjou, who in turn wanted her preference for only rich men to be respected too.

Anjou and Khazrul, who were once engaged, shared the news of their engagement on social media back in January.

Two weeks later, she announced that it was called off.