Local actress Fasha Sandha opens up about love, divorce and being a single mother

Mark Ryan Raj
Fasha Sandha revealed that her life isn’t always as easy as it seems, as she too has experienced many rough patches. — Picture via Instagram/@fashasandha

PETALING JAYA, Sept 12 — It isn’t easy being a single mother.

That was the gist of local actress Fasha Sandha’s post on Instagram today, as she opened up about her failed marriage in the past and what it’s really like to be a single mom.

The 35-year-old mother of two uploaded a photo of herself with her children onto her Instagram account earlier today with a long description of the trials and tribulations she has faced over the years despite many idolising her as a strong and independent woman.

“This photo from December 4, 2015, is of the first day that it was just the three of us,” wrote Fasha.



“Many say that I am an ‘Iron Woman’, but in truth, I’m not ‘iron’ all the time, there are times that I feel like rusted metal, but I don’t show it.”

Fasha explained that in life, there will always be lovers and haters, as many people enjoy kicking celebrities while they're down, but that shouldn’t be a reason for them to stop doing what they love.

She added that many fans and social media users often criticise celebrities like artists and actors for their troubled relationships which often end in divorce.

“A lot of people say that artists love to split up and get divorced, but it isn’t just artists who go through stuff like that, everyone does, it’s just that no one cares to write about it in the newspapers,” she wrote.

She said that even though celebrity divorces are usually high profile events and covered extensively, what the public may not realise is that celebrities always try their best to save their marriages.

“Artists always try their best to save their marriage, but when it fails, it’s fate, at least they tried, but in the end, being single is better than being with the wrong person,” wrote Fasha.

Fasha was previously married to famed entrepreneur Rizal Ashram Ramli or “Jejai”, for four years, from 2012 to 2016.

The pair also had two children together six-year-old Putra Rayfal Ramli, and four-year-old Putri Raysha Jemaima.

Fasha and Aidil have been together for some time now, and the actress hopes their love will pass the test of time. — Picture via Instagram/@fashasandha

The marriage didn’t last as they split in January of 2016, and after a few years of being a “widow”, Fasha found love again, this time in local actor Aidil Aziz, 32.

“I was divorced before, and I’m so proud of that title, because I was a strong and successful widow, who worked hard for her family, instead of looking for sympathy,” she wrote.

She added that there was no shame in being called a widow, as God has now given her a second chance at love and happiness, and she prays every day that it will last this time around.

Social media users were full of praise for the 35-year-old as they flooded the comments section with love and admiration for her.

Instagram users commenting on how Fasha’s words have inspired them. — Picture via Instagram/@fashasandha

Many users said that her words have inspired them especially since they were honest and from the heart, while most were more keen to let Fasha know that she is loved by many as they poured in countless heart emojis.

Her husband, Aidil, couldn’t resist either as he also got in on the act and commented: “My strong wife.”

Fasha and Aidil got engaged in November 2018, before eventually tying the knot in March this year.

The actors are also expecting a new addition to their family, after they announced that Fasha was pregnant two months after they got married.

Aidil Aziz, Fasha’s husband sending her some love in the comments section. — Picture via Instagram/@fashasandha

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