Lo Bosworth Has Lost Touch with Her “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills” Costars: 'They Were More Like My Coworkers'

The 'Gut Feelings' podcast host tells PEOPLE fans have a misconception about life after MTV stardom: "There's this assumption of, 'Oh you must stay in touch,' but I don't think that's normal for anyone"

<p>Love Wellness</p> Lo Bosworth

Love Wellness

Lo Bosworth

Lo Bosworth isn't inclined to look back on the past.

The entrepreneur, who founded the popular Love Wellness supplements brand in 2016 and is about to launch the new Gut Feelings podcast, may have found fame when she starred in Laguna Beach and The Hills — but that doesn't mean she ever aspired to be a star.

"I just wasn't that comfortable being in entertainment," she tells PEOPLE. And no, she doesn't stay in touch with her former costars, either — except for one.

"Lauren [Conrad] and I are in touch, but everyone else went their own way after the show," she tells PEOPLE. "They were more like my coworkers, not like friends I'd organically had since middle school like Lauren. And I don't really know anyone who keeps up with their coworkers from 20 years ago. There's this assumption of, 'Oh you must stay in touch,' but I don't think that's normal for anyone."

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Jason Merritt/FilmMagic
Jason Merritt/FilmMagic

Bosworth says she's remained focused on building her businesses since leaving the show. Most importantly, she made sure being a reality star didn't dictate her future.

"I made an agreement with MTV before I participated on Laguna Beach that I would do the show with guardrails," she explains, adding that she was never "comfortable" being in entertainment.

"I never wanted to really be the one that was the focus of drama, fights dating, mainly because at the time I was just a teenager and uncomfortable with the idea of sharing those things on national television," she says. "I was just too shy and too embarrassed. Ultimately, I think it served me really well in that I was never that interested in participating in the way that some of the other cast members were willing to participate."

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On Gut Feelings, Bosworth has invited pals including Hannah Brown and Katherine Schwarzenegger to hang out and answer listener questions on wellness issues.

"I think it really exemplifies what I'm good at, which is giving advice and being a friend," Bosworth explains of the podcast's direction "And so we are answering listener questions about matters of the head, heart and health."

She continues, "The shows are 25 [or] 30 minutes, and they're very easy listens. None of the guests are coming on to just retell their stories they've already told 15 times. They're sharing new things and advice, and it's not necessarily about a project that they're trying to promote."

Bosworth affirms, "Creating an advice show feels like it's very in line with what we do as a brand, which is build and cultivate community. It's not about me, it's not about the guest, it's about the listener."

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