Lizzo shouts out 6 Music’s Lauren Laverne at London’s O2 Arena show


Lizzo has shouted out BBC 6 Music presenter, Lauren Laverne for playing her record for the first time on radio.

The “Juice” singer performed at the O2 Arena on Wednesday night as part of The Special Tour.

“This two-hour set, packed with spine-tingling belted vocals, trilling flute solos, and high-energy dance routines, is a firm reminder that Lizzo is more than a cultural figure; she’s a musician for the ages,” wroteThe Independent’s in a five star review of the show.

During the performance, the 34-year-old gave a nod to Laverne, who’s radio play of her record caused an onslaught of success, said the singer.

“Lauren Laverne played my record on Radio 6 and just like that I was flying to England every other weekend,” said Lizzo. “And you welcomed me with open arms.”

“We went from getting f***ed up in the Travelodge to selling out the O2 twice!” she shouted with glee.

Reacting to the namecheck, Laverne posted a video of the singer to Instagram, writing: “The unbelievable @lizzobeeating shouting out @BBC6Music (and me!) onstage at @theo2london last night… for a station like us this means the world.”

Lizzo (AFP via Getty Images)
Lizzo (AFP via Getty Images)

“There is nothing like playing someone’s record on air for the first time - even if they don’t go on to reshape the industry as Lizzo is. It’s the most magical, meaningful part of what we do and this shoutout means the world,” wrote the broadcaster.

“It’s been a joy to watch you fly, @lizzobeeating! Keep going!” she added.

Lizzo was recently confirmed as a Glastonbury co-headline alongside Guns N’ Roses.