Liza Wang wishes Fei Yu-ching well as he nears retirement

7 Nov– Award-winning actress Liza Wang was among the many stars who didn't miss the chance to see Fei Yu-ching's performance, as the Taiwanese singer took his farewell concert tour to Hong Kong recently.

As reported on Mingpao, the veteran star, who shared a photo of her with Fei on social media following the show, dedicated the post to the celebrated performer, saying, "Singing since the age of 17, he has dedicated his life to the music scene for 40 years. Popular in the global Chinese community, touching hearts and soothing the souls with his songs, he has chosen to leave the music scene at this time."

"Though the fans are sad, everybody understands and respect his wishes," she added.

Liza stated that she was touched by Fei's speech on stage at his concert about cherishing life after the death of a parent, especially since both her parents are gone as well.

"In the future, he will live a life of lightness and simplicity. I wish [Fei] a healthy and happy life," she added

Fei previously announced his retirement following the death of his father Chang Wu-hsi in 2017. It is noted that the singer was unable to see Chang at the end of his life due to work obligation, and was only told about Chang's passing by brother Chang Fei a few days later.

(Photo Source: Liza Wang Instagram)