Liz Truss Names Who She Thinks Is The UK's Worst Prime Minister

Liz Truss named who she believes is the UK's worst PM.
Liz Truss named who she believes is the UK's worst PM. Leon Neal via Getty Images

Liz Truss has bizarrely claimed Labour’s Tony Blair was the UK’s worst prime minster.

Truss, who was in No.10 for 49 days compared Blair’s decade in power, slammed her predecessor and his legacy in an interview with her local newspaper.

Speaking to Eastern Daily Press amid her campaign to hold onto her South West Norfolk seat, Truss said: “The worst prime minister we’ve had in recent years is Tony Blair.

“Who created things like the Equality Act, the Human Rights Act and the Climate Change Act.”

Truss’s primary legacy is the mini-budget, which sent the pound into decline after unveiled £45billion worth of unfunded tax cuts.

Truss told the newspaper she had been “thwarted in delivering” her policies by the deep state, a claim she has made repeatedly since being forced out of No.10.

She said: “People criticise politicians who say something and then don’t deliver it – I would never do that. I am truthful. I believe what I am doing and I follow through on that.”

She continued: “We have a problem in this country that someone elected on a mandate can’t deliver that because the unelected state don’t want to deliver it. We need to change the way Britain is governed.”

Truss never led the Conservatives into a general election.

She was selected as the party leader by Tory members by the narrowest margin since the system was introduced, despite not winning the Tory MPs’ ballot.

For comparison, Blair is the only person in the Labour party to win a general election on three occasions.

Tony Blair was PM from 1997 to 2007.
Tony Blair was PM from 1997 to 2007. Riccardo Savi via Getty Images

However, she denied that she was considering running to lead the Conservative Party if they lost the election, telling her local newspaper she was “once bitten twice shy”.

Truss has held her seat since 2010 and has a comfortable 26,000 majority.

She is facing competition by former Conservative James Bagge, who left the party in protest at Truss being selected as the Tory candidate for the seat, and from Toby McKenzie of the Reform Party.