‘Our Living World’ Explains Why Protecting Sharks Is Critical for Us All | Exclusive Video

Marine biologist Randall Arauz stresses how important protecting sharks — particularly hammerheads — is for all of us as humans in an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip from Netflix’s “Our Living World,” which launched on April 17.

Narrated by Cate Blanchett, the four-part docuseries examines “the secret network of connections that unites us all and sustains our planet’s most magical phenomenon: life itself,” according to the logline.

Blanchett’s narration covers wildlife photography, macro close-up visuals, the underwater world and digital effects from the tallest and oldest tree in the forest to the smallest salmon egg. The series also features fascinating facts and creature characters like dragonflies, flying foxes, cuttlefish, beavers, rhinos and crabs.

“Sharks are the guardians of the ocean,” Arauz says at the beginning of the video. “We have to make sure that they are fully protected because, in the long run, sharks protect us. It’s estimated nowadays that 90% of all ocean predators declined in the last 50 years. 90% is a big deal and this is eventually going to hurt everything, including us.”

The environmentalist has dedicated his life and career to studying and saving sharks.

“Sharks are the architects of the ecosystem. As we know nowadays, it’s not just a food chain. It’s a food pyramid, and the sharks are on the top of the pyramid. The sharks are controlling all the species underneath them. They keep them in check, but once you remove the sharks then the competition between the species underneath them changes completely,” Arauz explains.

“Eventually, some species start out-competing each other without the pressure of a shark. And then when that happens, we reduce our biodiversity,” he continues. “You remove something from the top and it’s going to cascade down your ecosystem. All the way to the bottom. There’s always consequences. The health of the oceans is directly and intrinsically linked to the health of sharks.”

Watch the full featurette, below:

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