Liverpool win 1st Premier League title in 30 years after Chelsea beat Man City

This footage was filmed and produced on 25 June 2020.

The Liverpool Football Club has clinched the Premier League championship after Manchester City lost out 2-1 to Chelsea, handing the Reds their nineteenth title following a 30-year drought.

Man City needed a win on Thursday for any hope of catching up to Liverpool on the table, but its defeat at Stamford Bridge guarantees the Reds will take the title come July, the club’s first since 1990.

Liverpool has achieved the earliest title win in Premier League history, coming out 23 points ahead after playing only 31 games and winning all but three. Liverpool’s victory comes amidst an odd season, interrupted by a three-month hiatus due to coronavirus. Despite earlier suggestions the campaign might be called off altogether, the league came back to life this month and allowed the club its historic win. Reds fans were seen in raucous celebration after Thursday’s match, setting off fireworks, waving banners and joining in chants. Filmed by Kyle