Recap: Biden dodges questions on his mental fitness in Stephanopoulos interview

President Biden sat with ABC News for an interview Friday in response to a poor debate performance that has left Democrats reeling and looking for a new party leader.

The interview, conducted by George Stephanopoulos, aired on ABC in a half-hour special prime-time broadcast.

Calls for Biden to step aside from the 2024 race have reached a fever pitch after a debate with former President Trump left the political world stunned at his performance in which he struggled to finish sentences, looked at times confused and spoke in a raspy voice that his aides blamed on a cold.

INTERVIEW RECAP: Biden defends health, insists he will beat Trump on ABC

Biden beats back critics at Wisconsin rally: ‘I’m running and going to win again’

The response from the Biden campaign and the White House has so far been to weather the storm. At a rally in Wisconsin earlier Friday, Biden addressed his critics, declaring: “I’m running and going to win.”

The Stephanopoulos interview was one of the few unscripted, on-camera moments for Biden in the week since the debate fallout.

Mark Warner building support among Democratic senators to push Biden out

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