‘Live!’ Guest Host Sean Hayes Likens Jimmy Kimmel to the McRib: ‘He’s Always Covered in Barbecue Sauce’ (Video)

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Sean Hayes left no comedy stone unturned in his first monologue on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” for the week, poking fun at Biden, Trump and his own former NBC comedy.

The “Will & Grace” star is filling in for Jimmy Kimmel for a week while the ABC late night host enjoys some summer vacation, so with the host out, Hayes had to have some fun at his expense.

“Jimmy is busy training for the Sochi Olympics — I didn’t have the heart to tell him they were in 2014,” Hayes said, before comparing Kimmel to a fast food item that isn’t regularly available.

“At this point Jimmy is like the McRib. You can’t get him year round and he’s always covered in barbeque sauce,” Hayes joked.

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At ease in front of the Kimmel crowd due to this being his third stint guest hosting, Hayes even turned political, joking that his former NBC sitcom “Will & Grace” was ahead of its time.

“We were the first sitcom to point out that rich white ladies named Karen were problematic,” he said to laughs, referencing the character played by Megan Mullally.

As he continued (you can watch Hayes’ full monologue above), Hayes added comedy music to President Joe Biden’s bike spill footage, and called him “Gram-POTUS.” He also made light of former President Donald Trump pledging to a crowd he will never ride a bike.

“Can you imagine Donald Trump in bike shorts? I just did and now I’m screaming on the inside,” he said.

Watch his whole monologue, which also saw jokes about the CDC’s guidance on Monkeypox, flight cancellations and Father’s Day.

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