A little trickery in Starfield will net you a great armor set

 Starfield Frontier ship taking off from dusty Akila City
Starfield Frontier ship taking off from dusty Akila City

One of Starfield's best armor suits can be obtained via a busted glass case.

In the basement of The Lodge, if you didn't already know, is hidden a glass case, complete with an imposing 'Master' Lock attached on the outside. Rather than cracking the lock to get the armor set though, it turns out you can just position yourself to look through a gap in the actual glass, and grab the armor set for yourself.

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If you look to the immediate right of the handle on the glass case, you'll notice that you can actually see through and into the case itself. You can now position yourself so your aiming reticle is either above or below the level of the door handle, and you'll be able to look through the gap and interact with the mannequin inside, bagging the Mark 1 Spacesuit.

The armor itself is nothing to sneeze at. It boasts 150 protection points for physical damage, 136 for energy protection, and finally 128 points of protection against electromagnetic weapons. Then there's 20 points of thermal protection, which is pretty decent, and a superior 30 points against corrosive damage. Rounding out the stats is 10 points against radioactive damage.

The Mark 1 Spacesuit is also valued at well over 3,000 Credits, so it's a good get even if you don't plan on keeping it around. If you're still in the early hours of Bethesda's new RPG, this armor set is pretty much the best thing you can easily get your hands on when you're strutting around The Lodge or New Atlantis.

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