Little Simz at Glastonbury 2024 review: headliner-worthy greatness


“I need you to understand that you're witnessing greatness,” Little Simz announced, a couple of songs into the biggest show of her entire career. “I say that not with arrogance, but with confidence.”

The London rapper had every right to feel so assured – playing second-top on Glastonbury’s Pyramid stage, she demonstrated that she has all of the necessary chops.

The set opened with double helping of 2022’s NO THANK YOU – the soulful and assured Silhouette, followed by the music industry-critiquing No Merci: “Givin' 'em our truth and they gave us blackface,” she rapped, “Why you wanna make a mockery of my pain?”

Both paved the way for a flawlessly crisp rendition of I Love You, I Hate You – a barbed, bittersweet outpouring of complicated familial feelings: “Is you a sperm donor or a dad to me?”

Sharp and polished, Simz was frequently alone on Glastonbury’s biggest stage, effortlessly holding court, and never missing a beat. She performed on top of a mirrored plinth which reflected the enormity of the crowd back out from the stage.

Her Drop 7 collaborator Jakwob – complete with a pair of alien sunglasses – joined to assist on the heavy, dance-inflected stomper Mood Swings, while her Sometimes I Might Be Introvert collaborator Obongjayar guested for an exceptional rendition of Point And Kill.

As a special treat – this was Glastonbury, after all – Simz also aired brand new song The Code, which came with strong neo-soul vibes reminiscent of SAULT (the enigmatic collective she has previously collaborated with).

The crowd only grew larger as the hordes poured in for Coldplay, and the majority of the newcomers got stuck in with the lively, dancey crowd. As the set progressed, Simz seemed overwhelmed by the support; though she contained her emotions, she couldn’t help but crack an enormous grin, beaming at the massive crowd, clearly giddy with the moment. “Thank you, honestly, for making this one of the highlights of my career and my whole life,” she said.

From here, it was into a mass singalong of GREY Area track Selfish, the hook-laden Woman (sans Cleo Soul) and Gorilla as her jubilant closer: “Name one time where I didn't deliver,” she rapped.

At this point, it’s admittedly a tall order; one of the most exciting British rappers right now, Simz never falters. One more album under her belt, and she could easily headline the entire thing.

Little Simz and other Glastonbury gigs can be watched on BBC iPlayer