New Little Nightmares game in development with Bandai Namco, job listing reveals

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 Little Nightmares 2 review
Little Nightmares 2 review

We could be getting a new Little Nightmares game soon as publisher Bandai Namco has quietly revealed it's still working on the spooky IP.

As spotted by Twitter user @SmackNPie, Little Nightmares publisher Bandai Namco is currently hiring a producer assistant to work specifically with the Little Nightmares IP. The job listing mentions the game in the title of the advert, and mentions Little Nightmares several times throughout the job description, pretty much confirming that something is on the way.

Working for Bandai Namco Europe in France, the successful candidate will join the production department dedicated to the company's "headline IP" Little Nightmares. The role itself is a temporary internship that will last just six months, so its responsibilities don't give us much of an idea of what kind of things Bandai Namco is currently doing with the new project.

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The job listing does however expect the post holder to "provide qualitive support to the Little Nightmares production team by reviewing the game on multiple platforms, make comparative playthroughs, liaise with QA, etc." - meaning a game of some kind is at least in the works. This shouldn't come as too much of a surprise as just a couple of weeks ago we reported that the Little Nightmares publisher is working on "what's next" for the series.

You may have noticed that we're yet to mention Little Nightmares and Little Nightmares 2 developer Tariser Studios in this story, that's because it doesn't look like the studio is working on the series anymore. Back in February 2021, it was revealed that Tarsier had shifted to a new IP via its parent company Embracer Group's financial results for that year. Following this, we've since seen glimpses of Tarsier's next game which, although doesn't seem to be related to Six and Mono's adventures, looks just as spooky.

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