‘It can be a little heavy’: Singer Selena Gomez on being the most followed woman on Instagram

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Sep 21 — Despite being the most followed woman on Instagram with a staggering 429 million followers, American singer Selena Gomez has never been much concerned with social media success.

“I’ve never really cared about that stuff,” she said at Universal Music Group and Thrive Global’s Music & Health Conference held recently in Los Angeles.

“I suppose I’m grateful for the platform, and I would love to continue to use it for what I’m able to do, but numbers are just numbers.”

Earlier this year, Gomez became the most followed woman on Instagram with 429 million followers, beating bestie Taylor Swift who has 272 million and Kylie Jenner, the previous title holder, who is followed by 399 million people.

Still, the 31-year-old is well aware of the responsibility that comes with such a far-reaching platform, reported The Hollywood Reporter.

Over the years, fans have told her about how her work has helped them through extremely difficult times.

“It can be a little heavy,” she said. “I feel for people and I think that’s what kind of keeps me in check, to be honest.

“I think I can be a little reckless with my emotions and having conversations with young people, women who are going through divorces or going through chemo — it’s not just about me, and I’m fully aware of that.

“I will just always cherish it. It’s a big responsibility, though. It’s a little scary.”

Gomez also revealed how she was initially against making My Mind and Me, an Apple TV documentary released last year which chronicled her six-year journey battling autoimmune disease, mental illness and the pressures of being thrust into the limelight.

But she was glad she did. “I felt like I got to say things that I’ve been keeping in for years.”

She added that she didn’t know if it would jeopardise things in her life.

“And then the moment it was released... I had no choice at that point. And I was relieved. I felt like a huge weight was lifted.”