Little Girl Proudly Pushes Creepy Doll Around in Stroller at Halloween Event

Lots of children enjoy playing with baby dolls, but most tend to opt for the cute ones over the creepy ones — unlike this little girl seen pushing a scary-looking doll in a stroller at a Pennsylvania Halloween event.

Footage filmed by Brittany Beard shows her three-year-old daughter Briar Rose proudly walking her demon-esque doll around at a Trunk or Treat event in Lititz.

“She found this doll at the local Spirit Halloween store and had to have it. I reluctantly bought it for her,” Beard told Storyful. “She named the doll Chloe and I have nicknamed it Creepy Chloe.”

Briar Rose can be seen dressed up as a pumpkin, while Creepy Chloe is wearing a witch costume.

“She brings the doll everywhere,” Beard said. “I joke that the doll is stealing my soul as I sleep.” Credit: Brittany Beard via Storyful

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