Little girl miraculously survives after being attacked by pack of dogs in Northern India

CCTV footage catches the moment four-year-old Guddi Bansal is attacked by a pack of aggressive dogs in Northern India. The little girl was happily playing on the street before the animals arrived. Dogs are seen chasing her as she runs in the opposite direction. At first, the dogs seem to be playing, but they then surround the child, push her to the ground and bite her. Luckily, a young man who heard the child screaming rushes to the scene as the stray animals begin pulling her around. He throws stones at the dogs and scares them away. Bansal was taken to Jaypee Hospital for treatment. She reported face wounds but didn't need any stitches. As the anti-rabies vaccine could not be administered after 4 pm in this health care institution, the little girl was brought to Hamidia Hospital. The father of the child, Rakesh Bansal, said that stray dogs are very dangerous and that many people have been attacked. The footage was filmed on January 1 in Anjali Vihar Colony of Bagasevania, Northern India.

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