A Little Girl Complained Of ‘Monsters’ In Her Bedroom, But It Was Actually 50,000 Bees

Candyman, is that you?

A North Carolina woman says she was blown away to discover a swarm of 50,000 honey bees in her 100-year-old house, after her toddler complained about hearing “monsters in the wall.”

In a viral video, Ashley Class, who goes by @classashley on TikTok, showed off the un-bee-lievably massive beehive that was discovered behind the walls of her daughter’s room.

“What nightmares are made of,” the mother captioned the post from last week, which has since garnered more than 9 million views.

The TikTok video shows an image from a thermal camera highlighting the hive behind the wall. It then cuts to a shot of a gaping hole in the same wall, where swarms of bees can be seen crawling in the woodwork.

“When your daughter has been hearing ‘monsters’ in the walls,” she wrote over the clip. “Turns out it was 50,000 bees buzzing.”

Class said she noticed a few bees hanging around the house but didn’t think much of it.

“We noticed a couple bees when we were outside playing with the kids and then as the days progressed, we saw more and more and we thought, ‘That’s a little strange,’” Class told “Good Morning America.

Class said the beehive looked “almost like a man in the wall by the shape of it.” Her husband, Chris Class, added that the hive was so large that it “took up the entire wall space.”

TikTok users swarmed comments section to share their thoughts on Class’ horrifying experience.

“I would honestly rather have monsters in the wall than to have 50k bees,” one person wrote.

Another sympathized with her, writing, “Omg this happened to me in an apartment years ago. Management didn’t believe me for months until honey started coming through the wall! They would be so loud at night i thought I was crazy!”

“This is literally my worst nightmare,” someone else added.

Class was able to safely get rid of her unwanted houseguests after hiring a beekeeper.

“Day 1: Beekeeper removed 20,000 bees and 100+ lbs (45kg) of honeycomb from the wall. He found the queen and is able to safely take the hive to a new home,” Ashley Class said in a follow-up video.

She told GMA that after the beekeeper opened up the wall to extract the bees, they “didn’t even have time to get [her daughter’s] stuff out of the room.”

After many social media users questioned how the family didn’t notice the bees, Ashley replied: “It only takes a couple bees and a swarm that you might not be able to see to become a colony that’s 50,000 bees.”

She said she and the beekeeper “didn’t realize how many bees” were initially in the wall despite the thermal camera showing “a lot of activity.”

Sharing an update in a clip on Tuesday, Ashley said her family is working on returning to “normalcy” as they clean up their home following the aftermath of the bees.