Lithuania braced for Russian power shutoff

STORY: Russia is enraged by Lithuania’s move to block rail shipments of some goods to its Kaliningrad exclave.

Now Europe awaits Russia’s response.

But Lithuania says it’s ready should Moscow decide to switch off the flow of electricity.

Last year it installed new gear on its power link to Poland for just such an eventuality.

That should mean it can switch quickly to supplies from continental Europe.

Speaking to Reuters, Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda said he was expecting full backing from Brussels:

"It would be very good that European Commission explains the content of the sanctions to the Russian authorities and probably it will remove some tensions which are arising right now.”

Kaliningrad is a Russian territory sandwiched between Poland and Lithuania.

It depends on rail links via Lithuania for many supplies.

But the import of steel and other ferrous metals has been blocked since Saturday (June 18), with more goods to be added to the ban.

Russia has reacted furiously, saying all citizens of the Baltic state would feel its response.

It hasn’t yet spelled out what that will mean.

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