Listen to Ravens broadcast as fan looking for a drink tries to enter radio booth

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Imagine driving in your car, listening to the broadcast of the Baltimore Ravens game and suddenly hearing panic in one of the announcer's voices — not at what the team is doing, but what one fan apparently tried to do during the game.

Inside the Ravens' radio booth at M&T Bank Stadium. Wow.

Listen to this wild exchange, as Ravens play-by-play announcer Gerry Sandusky is describing the action on the field in the late first quarter of Sunday's game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

After a short catch by the Bengals' Tyler Boyd, there is sheer alarm in the voice of color analyst Obafemi “Femi” Ayanbadejo, who exclaims, "What are you doing?!"

That was followed by more shock. "Wh-wh-what are you doing?"

Several moments pass with dead air. Hearing an analyst express shock on the air isn't anything novel, so it's possible few people realized anything was amiss.

That is, until Sandusky described the scene that had just unfolded inside their broadcast booth. A fan apparently climbed up into the booth from the seating area and requested a beverage.

No joke.

"If you were listening, you heard Femi say, 'What are you doing? What are you doing?'" Sandusky said. "He was not talking to the players or the coaches. We actually had a fan who was trying to climb into the broadcast booth!"

And it was a woman.

"She said, 'I am a veteran and I am looking for a drink,'" Sandusky relayed. 

"Yeah, I don't serve drinks at the game," Ayanbadejo patiently explained to the listeners. "I might make some cocktails at home, but this is not the right time or place."

"You just never know who is going to pop up or show up on game day," Sandusky said.

No kidding.

It's a good thing nothing more apparently came of this security breach. It's worth a laugh now, but the Ravens' radio team thankfully was able to escape a strange and potentially dangerous situation.

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