Lisbon's legendary custard tart shop hit by lockdown

Lisbon's historic custard tart shop opened its doors for the first time in two months on Monday (May 18), as lockdown restrictions were eased in Portugal.

Pasteis de Belem - a shop set-up in 1837 - took no chances with people's safety and made staff wear masks and visors.

Normally locals would have to queue behind a long line of tourists outside the store, but they didn't have to wait long this time.

Shop CEO Miguel Clarinha.

"Tourism already made up 50% of our clients and at certain times a little bit more and, obviously without tourism, it will have a negative impact on the company's accounts. But, what matters is having customers and our Portuguese customers are very important to us."

Portugal relies on tourism to boost its economy and was hit hard by global lockdowns.

Lisbon's streets would usually be full of travellers at this time of year, but restaurants must now compete for domestic customers instead.

Cafe manager Miguel has seen first-hand the economic effects of lockdowns.

"It was very complicated. We made per week the same amount we would make on a good summer day. It was really difficult, very few people. People working on construction, restorations and maintenance came here."

Portugal economy contracted almost 4% between January and March.

Monday offered a slight return to normality as some shops and schools were reopened.