Lisa Ch'ng loses HKD 80,000 from theft

1 Jul – Lisa Ch'ng has recently fallen victim to theft, after losing her purse while shooting her new drama, "Super Emissary" in Mongkok recently.

As reported on On CC, the actress who spoke about the incident, shared that she didn't suspect that her purse was stolen from the TVB wardrobe van and thought that it was just misplaced, until she received notifications of bank transactions on her phone.

"The first notification came at 1.42pm. There was a total of ten transactions. I then cancelled all the cards and turned to the police for help," she said.

The police have since successfully nabbed the culprits - a 30-something couple who were caught using Lisa's credit card in Mongkok stores the same evening.

The actress revealed that the couple had stolen around HKD 80,000 from her, and that she won't be able to get her purse back. All of her cards will also have to be replaced.

She also suspected that the theft was planned, as nobody could enter the van easily due to the fact that the driver is always there.

"It was all very strange, because my colleagues told me that they would sometimes lose some money from the vehicle, but not to the extent that the whole bag is taken," she said.

(Photo Source: Lisa Ch'ng Instagram)