LIQS Cocktail Shots Are Perfect For This Year's At-Home NYE Celebration

Ni'Kesia Pannell
·1-min read
Photo credit: LIQS/INSTAGRAM
Photo credit: LIQS/INSTAGRAM

From House Beautiful

If you're like me—and hopefully everyone else in the world—you'll be celebrating the well-anticipated end of 2020 from the comfort of your home. And while huge bottles of prosecco and Clicquot might seem like the best options to have handy for the evening (which is totally fine if you plan on drinking a lot because, hey—2020), if you're a person who wants to take it light, then grabbing a pack of cocktail shots from LIQS might be the option that suits you best.

Noted as the "world's first premixed cocktail shot," LIQS may be small, but they definitely pack a lot of punch. Delivering the same quality that you would get from your favorite bartender's cocktails, these double shots are perfect for those of us who are looking to feel good without overdoing it.

Available in Whiskey Fireshot, Tequila Cinnamon Orange, Vodka Lemon Drop, Vodka Kamikaze, and Vodka Lychee Grapefruit (YUM!), each flavor is all-natural, gluten free, low in sugar, and low-calorie. And, they're all 40 proof, which is just enough to get you the feeling you're looking for.

LIQS can be found nationwide at Walmart, Sheetz, and Total Wine for $8.99 per four-pack, so that makes them a perfectly accessbile (and affordable!) option for your zoom celebration with family and friends.

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