Lions and gorillas open Christmas gifts at London Zoo

Asiatic lions Bhanu and Arya sniffed out their colorfully wrapped presents in their Land of the Lions home at the central London zoo.

While lioness Arya carefully picked up her gifts, Bhanu took delight in rolling around on his boxes scented with nutmeg and cinnamon.

The zoo's Western lowland gorillas Alika, Gernot, Mjukuu and Effie were not left out either, playing with their gift-wrapped presents before diving into the boxes to eat the contents that included juicy carrots and tasty brussels sprouts.

The Magic of Christmas at London Zoo is running until January 3, 2022, where visitors can walk the 36 acres of outdoor space and see the animals. They can even help write the animals' wish lists, wave to Santa as he visits the zoo residents, pop into the new Sensory Sweetshop and enjoy the festive lights and animal light sculptures around the attraction.

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