Lionel Richie fans surprised by ‘completely different voice’ during Coronation Concert

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Lionel Richie divided audience opinions after his performance at the Coronation Concert on Sunday evening (7 May).

The pop and soul icon was one of the headliners at the event, honouring the official accession to the throne of King Charles III and Queen Camilla.

Richie, 73, took to the stage with two of his most famous songs: “Easy Like Sunday Morning” and “All Night Long”.

Supported by a full orchestra, Richie sang to the crowd of 20,000 people ahead of his fellow American Idol judge, Katy Perry, who appeared as headliner minutes later.

Those who watched the concert from afar did not hesitate to share their opinions on Richie’s performance. While plenty of people were excited for the “Dancing on the Ceiling” star to bring his classic hits to the proceedings, some viewers opined that his voice sounded different to their expectations.

“Is someone disguised as Lionel Richie because that is not his voice! Sounds completely different,” one fan tweeted.

Elsewhere, another person wrote: “Where is the real Lionel Richie’s voice?? Sounds like he’s been possessed by Elton John.”

“Whose voice is that coming out of Lionel Richie because it can’t be his own…” wondered another.

Lionel Richie (Getty Images)
Lionel Richie (Getty Images)

Yet the sound of Richie’s voice at the concert wasn’t noticeably different to others, many of whom were charmed by his renditions.

“He smashed it! I’m so proud that Lionel and Katy are representing the US,” wrote an American viewer on social media.

“I have seen Lionel Richie in concert twice, and he is such a great showman,” one viewer recalled, adding: “He has a wonderful way of connecting with his audience.”

In 2020, Richie spoke out on how a mystery throat illness in the Nineties meant that he had to undergo four surgeries.

“You don’t want anybody fooling around down there. This is your identity,” he told People of his nervousness surrounding the procedures, adding, “I never really thought that it would end.”

Elsewhere at the Coronation Concert, Prince George and Princess Charlotte were entertained by Miss Piggy and Kermit, while Katy Perry’s outfit choice sparked comparisons with a particular piece of confectionery.

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