Lion cub adapting well after rescue from Ukraine

STORY: This lion cub was rescued from Ukraine

Named ‘Mazli’, it’s now living at a

zookeeper’s home in Hungary

‘Mazli’ means ‘luck’ in colloquial Hungarian

(Zsuzsa Petro, Sosto Zoo spokesperson)

“A private person from Uzhhorod got in touch with us. What we heard by hearsay was that she was raised by her mother, but because of the fighting there she refused her cub, and that is why Mazli had to be brought up by hand. She was treated really well, given excellent quality feed, we got a sample of it when we got her at the border and began feeding her.”

The cub is adapting well and is

learning from the zookeeper’s dogs

“We will rewild this animal step by step, part of this being her meeting with other lions. The first step was that she is fed from a bottle, then she had to learn how a lion eats, so she began to eat raw meat. She has some assistance in this house from three dogs who help her to learn social behavior.”