Lindsey Graham Claims Biden’s Student Loan Relief Is ‘Beyond Dangerous’

Sen. Lindsay Graham went on a fear-mongering rant about President Joe Biden’s actions to forgive student debt, calling the relief “beyond lawless and beyond dangerous.”

The Biden-Harris administration has approved $167 billion in student debt as of the end of May, helping 4.75 million borrowers across the country. But Graham is furious about it.

“There’s nothing in our law [that] allows him to forgive student loans. If you’re out there working and didn’t go to college, Joe Biden’s forgiving student loans, and you’re paying for them,” the Republican senator said on Fox News Sunday. “This is beyond lawless and beyond dangerous.”

Of course, middle class Americans — including the ones the senator mentioned — are paying for the Trump tax reductions benefitting millionaires and corporations, but Graham, who voted for the cuts, doesn’t mention those as “dangerous.”

Graham went on to claim that “the world is on fire, folks, and Biden’s not gonna fix it.”

Host Shannon Bream quickly pointed out that Congress has not taken action either. “Why haven’t you guys fixed it?” Bream said. “That’s what [Biden] says, right over here in the Capitol, that you guys know the problem, you agree there’s a problem and you haven’t fixed it.”

Gov. Doug Burgum has also had harsh words for Biden and defended his repeated comments calling the current president’s administration “a dictatorship.”

CNN anchor Kaitlan Collins asked the Republican governor on Sunday’s State of the Union, “I understand you don’t like President Biden’s policies on immigration or student loans. But, respectfully, I mean, you’re calling the democratically elected president a dictator?”

“This president, more than any other, has bypassed Congress, because, as a governor of a natural resources state, a big ag state, we’re facing over 30 rules and mandates,” Burgum said, adding, “None of them have come from Congress.”

“Then, of course, on the student loan thing, when the Supreme Court ruled against him, then he just said, hey, we will figure a different way to do it,” Burgum said. “So I just think that there’s, again, a double standard here. He is bypassing the other two branches of government to push an ideological view.”

“You don’t like his executive orders and you don’t like his policies,” Collins responded. “I understand that. I don’t think anyone expects the Republican governor to agree with President Biden on that. But that’s not a dictatorship.”

“Part of where this word [dictatorship] has come from has been a nonstop media attack on President Trump saying that, oh, that he might use executive orders when he takes office,” Burgum said.

Collins replied by pointing out that Biden has signed far fewer executive orders than Trump did in the same amount of time when he was in office.

“Trump signed 220 executive orders when he was in office,” Collins said. “President Biden so far has only signed 139, the same time span.”

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