Linda Chung promotes new song, "Be Your Morning"

17 Jun – Former TVB actress Linda Chung has recently flown back to Hong Kong again to promote her new single, "Be Your Morning".

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who spoke about the new song during an appearance at an event recently, shared that she was inspired to write the song a few years ago when she was watching her daughter Kelly - who was nine months old at the time – asleep in bed.

"I want to relay that no matter what difficulties you experience in life, your parents will always be there to support you. I also want my children to know that I will always back them," she said.

Asked if her children also came to Hong Kong with her this time, Linda said that she brought the whole family, sans husband Jeremy.

"Kelly is almost three, but I am still breastfeeding Jared. So I needed my parents to help me," she said.

(Photo Source: Linda Chung Facebook)