Lilyhammer: Steven Van Zandt thanks Netflix for saving show from removal at last moment

Netflix has saved its first ever original series from being removed in a last-minute deal.

In October, it was announced that the streaming platform would take down Lilyhammer due to the fact its licencing deal had expired.

The crime comedy-drama series, which stars Steven Van Zandt, was acquired by Netflix after its record-breaking debut on Norwegian channel NRK1 in February 2012. It ran for three seasons, ending in 2014.

Every month, the service removes a large number of titles, and Lilyhammer was revealed to be leaving on 20 November by Van Zandt himself.

Expressing his disappointment at the news, the actor and E Street Band musician wrote on Twitter: “It looks like Lilyhammer is about to be disappearing from Netflix, for which it was the very first show, on Nov 20.”

Zandt, whose birthday was on 22 November, continued: “Some birthday present! Big drag. It’s only 24 episodes. So if you haven’t seen it, or want to rewatch it, you’d better do it now.”

However, Van Zandt, who has returned to Twitter after a brief absense, revealed in his first post that Lilyhammer has been saved and will remain available for subscribers to stream.

“I’m back! And not only am I back, my suspension ended just in time to announce Lilyhammer is back!” he wrote.

“Thank you Ted Sarandos and Netflix for keeping our special place of honour as your first show! And thank you fans of the show I’m sure your many messages greatly helped the decision.”

He also seemed to hint that the series could be rebooted after the forthcoming tour with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, which is scheduled to start in 2023, comes to an end.

Steven Van Zandt reveals ‘Lilyhammer’ is remaining on Netflix (Twitter)
Steven Van Zandt reveals ‘Lilyhammer’ is remaining on Netflix (Twitter)

“After the tour… stay tuned…,” he replied to one fan who thought he was announcing a new series on the way.

Lilyhammer’s departure would have followed that of Hemlock Grove, which was removed in September.

The removal of titles billed as Netflix Originals has sparked a discussion about the availablity of projects once they’re removed from the platforms that released them.

Meanwhile, Netflix users are urging viewers of a new mystery show, titled 1899, to switch off a popular feature that’s said to be ruining the series.