Lily Allen jokes that she worries about kink-shaming husband David Harbour: 'Maybe not tonight'

"He often quite asks for things, and I’m like, ‘No, babe, it’s not happening,'" Allen said.

Lily Allen may have an album called No Shame, but she's a bit concerned she kink-shames her husband, David Harbour.

"I wonder if I kink-shame my husband because he often asks for things and I'm like, 'No, babe, it's not happening,'" she said on an episode of her podcast Miss Me?. "I'm not like, 'You piece of s---, how dare you ask me to do that!' I’m just like, 'Hmm, headache. Little headache, got a bit of a headache — maybe not tonight.'"

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But Allen truly meant it in jest, as she generally strives to be very accepting. In fact, she's been extremely honest about her sexual activity at the end of her previous marriage to Sam Cooper, to whom she was married from 2011 to 2018.

"I'm quite into normalizing everything that people are ashamed about in themselves," she said. "I was talking to David about this last night. During the breakdown of my last marriage, I was very, very promiscuous and experimental and I engaged in, well, I had sex with female prostitutes. Sex workers, sorry."

<p>Sean Zanni/WireImage</p> Lily Allen and David Harbour

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Lily Allen and David Harbour

Allen first revealed this in her 2018 autobiography, My Thoughts Exactly. "I wrote about it in my book," she noted. "Because I lived in a state of perpetual fear in that period of time, because I always felt like I was about to be 'gotcha'd' by the tabloids, so I knew that this thing existed and that I'd been behaving this way, so I thought that was going to be revealed, so I thought to take a little bit of the power back, I would reveal it myself in my book."

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"I did that for two reasons," she continued. "One, to try to reclaim a little bit of the power where that was concerned. Also, I think that lots of other people have done the same thing and that when they hear someone like me talk about their own experiences in a non-shameful, matter-of-fact way then it makes people feel better about themselves. So I'm always wanting to do that. I want to do that with my music. To me that's what art is, that's what creativity is helping people come to terms with their own behavior and behavior that society looks down on but we're all just human, right?"

Allen and Harbour first started dating in 2019, before they married in Las Vegas on Sept. 7, 2020 with an Elvis impersonator serving as their officiant.

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