Lilly CFO resigns over 'inappropriate' communication

Eli Lilly’s chief financial officer resigned after an independent probe found “inappropriate personal communication” with some Lilly employees.

The drugmaker said Tuesday Josh Smiley had exhibited poor judgement. The investigation, which was sparked by allegations about a personal relationship, found consensual though inappropriate personal communication between Smiley and certain Lilly employees.

The company would not elaborate on the communications or the number of employees involved. But a company spokeswoman told Reuters Lilly had taken “swift and significant action” as soon as it learned about the allegations.

In the aftermath of the #MeToo social movement, relationships at the office have come under scrutiny by corporate America. CEOs at McDonald’s and Intel stepped down after their employers discovered they had had consensual relationships with their employees.

Shares of Eli Lilly fell more than 2% in early trading Tuesday.