Likening self to divorced woman, Noh Omar says will need time before moving on from Umno

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 30 — Former Umno Supreme Council member Tan Sri Noh Omar said he was not ready to consider other parties’ offers for him to join, describing himself as in the Iddah (waiting period) divorced Muslim women must observe before the may remarry.

In an interview with Sinar Harian, he also said there was no point in appealing his expulsion as he did not receive a hearing before he had been suspended; Noh reportedly told the party sack him after he was informed of the suspension.

“Who do I want to appeal to, because Umno supreme council has already made a decision? I can accept this decision even though I am sad. Umno has been good to me because, basically, I am just a country-boy who managed to study in London and eventually become a lawyer,”

“When I see that these decisions are not in line with the rules and the (Umno) constitution, I cannot accept them. My principle is that, no matter what, we have to stick to the constitution. That’s why we adhere to Rukun Negara, (in which one of principles is) the supremacy of the constitution and the law,” he was quoted as saying.

When asked when he planned to return to active politics, he said he was undecided but was open to invitations to speak at the events of other political parties.

Noh, who is also the former Selangor Umno chief, said there were many factors to consider before he decided his next steps.

“(It does not matter) if PKR, Amanah wants to invite me; I can come if you want to invite me to be a freelance speaker. We will see the next development.

“I don’t have any ambitions either, for me the important thing is to see which party can really be a place where the people can find shelter and continue to fight for the rights of the Malays.

“I see that all parties are the same in principle, only the journey and the leadership of the party are different. In terms of democracy, I also have to look at the constitution.”

So far, however, Noh said he has not received any offers. He reiterated his readiness to speak to other parties and said he would review his position after the end of the iddah period that was generally 89 days, the length of three lunar months.

Earlier today, former Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin, who was sacked along with Noh, also said he did not intend to appeal the expulsion but would remain loyal to Umno.

Khairy and Noh were among party leaders who were either sacked or suspended last week, in an apparent crackdown on dissidents and malcontents in Umno.