Lights out early for Eiffel Tower to save energy

STORY: The Eiffel Tower is currently illuminated until 1 a.m. by a lighting system that lends it a golden glow. At the top of each hour while lit, it twinkles thanks to 20,000 flashing bulbs. Extinguishing the monument's lights at 11:45 p.m. would mean a 4% reduction in its power consumption.

Hidalgo said that from September 23, lighting in Paris' public buildings would be switched off at 10 p.m. while the water temperature in pools would be reduced to 77 degrees Fahrenheit from 79 Fahrenheit (25 Celsius from 26 Celsius). The heating in public building will be dialed down to 64 Fahrenheit (18 Celsius).

The measures are aimed at meeting President Emmanuel Macron's goal that industry, households, and municipal authorities reduce their energy consumption by 10% in response to Russia's cut to gas supplies and spiraling energy prices.