Light festival highlights the importance of water

STORY: A light festival is brightening up the Italian Alps

Location: Bressanone, Italy

The event showcases 29 light installations

connected by a 2-mile-long blue line

creating an art trail in the town


"It's marvelous. It's fantastic. I didn't expect it because I didn't know anything about this light festival. And it's just beautiful. I'm speechless. It's really beautiful. Perfect job, these artists."

This is the fourth time

the city has organized the festival

This year's theme is

'Water is life - life is art'

It features Italian artist Stefano Cagol's

installation called 'Global Warning'


"Global warning is an extra level about global warming. It is not just only about losing glaciers, but also about the warning (from) our planet. It is the pandemic, it is the war, it's about our interference with the planet. There is no symbiosis. There's a kind of antagonism within nature. We have to think about the future, we have to think about our future, really, for our survival.”

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