How light could bring unlimited power to connected objects

·1-min read
This small module, called LAYER harvests energy from light to power connected objects.

French startup Dracula Technologies has developed an innovative solution that could use light, whether natural or artificial, to power connected objects. Theoretically, an electronic Internet of Things (IoT) device using this technology would no longer need to rely on batteries or to be recharged manually.

The energy harvesting process involves sourcing energy from an external source then using it to run small electronic devices. Here, light is used as the energy solution, whether natural or artificial, and of any intensity. In fact, light is collected then converted into energy for powering various kinds of IoT objects.

The challenge for Dracula Technologies is to develop a solution that's both economical and can be easily recycled. This small photovoltaic module is called LAYER, which stands for "Light As Your Energetic Response." While it ultimately provides a relatively limited amount of energy, this can be sufficient to make small connected sensors autonomous, with no need for recharging.

This patented solution is taking shape as a potential alternative to the batteries that currently equip these objects -- batteries which have to be replaced frequently, are difficult to recycle once used, and are harmful for the environment.

Find out more about LAYER technology in this video: