‘My Life as a Rolling Stone’ Docuseries to Premiere on Epix in Celebration of Band’s 60th Anniversary

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Epix is commemorating the 60th anniversary of one of the world’s most iconic rock bands with the four-part docuseries “My Life as a Rolling Stone.”

The series, which premieres Aug. 7, will document “how The Rolling Stones created the blueprint for every budding rock band, and grew from young blues-loving hopefuls to a globally recognized cultural brand,” per the network.

Each episode will focus on a member of the band (Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood and the late Charlie Watts), diving into different dimensions of their personalities, their musical abilities and their cultural impact.

“My Life as a Rolling Stone” aims to reveal The Rolling Stones’ creativity, their inspirations and how they individually and collectively have overcome adversity, notoriety, and personal demons to write the soundtrack of our times.

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“Compelling music docuseries have become a pillar of Epix’s slate of premium original programming, and ‘My Life as a Rolling Stone’ is a perfect addition to that mix,” Michael Wright, president of Epix, said in a statement. “This distinctive documentary captures the raw and organic energy that defines The Rolling Stones, and tells the gripping, epic story of their journey. I am excited for viewers to experience this legendary band as few ever have before.”

“Epix is the perfect U.S. home for these dynamic-yet-highly-personal portraits of Mick, Keith, Ronnie, and Charlie,” Mercury Studios CEO Alice Webb said in a statement. “As they celebrate 60 years we couldn’t be prouder that Epix viewers will enjoy exclusive access to The Rolling Stones through these special shows.”

The docuseries is directed by Oliver Murray and Clare Tavernor. Steve Condie, SVP, content, Mercury Studios, executive produces. “My Life as a Rolling Stone” hails from Mercury Studios.

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