Life is 'more valuable than just the medals': Olympians

Even though U.S. triathlon mixed relay team captured a group medal, they each reflected on the mental toll of competing and how each copes with it.

Mental health has been in the spotlight at the Games after Simone Biles's stunning exit from the U.S. women's gymnastics team, highlighting the pressure that is put on athletes.

Pearson finished a dismal 42nd in the individual triathlon, earlier in the Games, robbing him of his confidence and he said his team mates and parents had helped him overcome the disappointment.

"Our lives are more valuable than just the medals that we have, you know. I think it's easy to get caught up with that but there's more important things," he said at a press conference following the team's victory.

McDowell said he has learned to be more open with his parents when facing a mental health challenge; the earlier, the better.

Zaferes told the press her sports psychologist had helped her enormously especially when her father passed away earlier this year.

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