Lies of P's director confirms DLC and a sequel have begun development

 Promotional screenshot of Lies of P.
Promotional screenshot of Lies of P.

What you need to know

  • Lies of P's director, Ji Won Choi, has outlined future plans for the game during a new 'Director's Letter' video.

  • In the video, Ji Won Choi confirms that NEOWIZ has begun work on DLC for Lies of P and a sequel.

  • In addition, Lies of P shall receive a huge patch update in November that will tweak the game's weapon balance, tone the difficulty of the early game, and add new cosmetic options.

On November 1, 2023, NEOWIZ uploaded a 'Director's Letter' video onto the official YouTube channel of Lies of P. In it, the game's lead director, Ji Won Choi, thanks the gaming community for purchasing over one million copies of Lies of P in less than a month, and provides news on upcoming updates for the game and plans for the franchise's future.

For starters, Jo Won Choi announces that Lies of P will receive a huge patch during November that will contain a plethora of updates (no release date on the patch has been given at this time). Some of the changes include:

  • It will include weapon balance changes to Lies of P's gigantic arsenal weapons.

  • It will tweak the difficulty of the early game to less difficult for new players by making the 'Rising Dodge' perk a default skill instead of being unlocked in the P-Organ upgrade tree and have Polendia at Hotel Krat sell two additional Quartz at his shop when you first meet him.

  • Players will receive Alidoro the treasure hunter's costume and mask.

  • The cosmetic options will include a second accessory slot so players can wear hats and glasses simoultaneously. Plus players will receive a new Alchemist's Hat and a pair of glasses.

Ji Won Choi then confirms that the dev team is working on releasing the game's soundtrack, a collaboration with Wo-Long: Fallen Dynasty, DLC expansions, and a sequel. The DLC is in the very early stages of development but Ji Won Choi has provided concept art pieces of what fans can expect to see when it comes to fruition.

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Concept art of Lies of P DLC
Concept art of Lies of P DLC

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Concept art of Lies of P DLC
Concept art of Lies of P DLC

This is great news for Lies of P fans to hear that plans for DLC and a sequel are already underway. Not to mention the game is going to receive much-requested balance changes and free content in the next patch, which will be arriving soon.

I'm personally happy to hear that this game's future is looking bright as I consider it one of best Xbox games of 2023 during my review of Lies of P.

So, If you like Soulslike action games and haven't checked out Lies of P yet, now is the time to do so. It is available to purchase on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PlayStation 5, PC via Steam and Xbox Game Pass.