Lies of P reactions prove it's the Not-Bloodborne we were hoping for

 Lies of P
Lies of P

We're just days away from playing Soulslike Lies of P, and the good news is that it might just be the Bloodborne alternative we've been waiting for.

Earlier this week, our Lies of P review went live and Jasmine gave it an impressive 4 out of 5 stars. In the review, she called the RPG "a powerful contender on the Soulslike scene," and praised it on its weapon assembly options, narrative, and the fact it innovates the genre while still feeling familiar. She did, however, also point out its stagger mechanics feel dubious and that asset repetition can spoil its immersion.

More importantly, Jasmine was able to point out several instances where Lies of P felt like a spiritual successor to Bloodborne, which is good news for everyone hoping for more Souslike content. "At its core, Lies of P has everything a spiritual successor to Bloodborne should: perilous boss battles, tons of lore, and horrific creatures all bundled together under the aesthetic umbrella of a gothic steampunk dystopia," Jasmine writes.

"Despite the odd stray hitbox and unknown factor of stagger mechanics, Lies of P's approach to combat is a thoughtful rework of the classic Souls formula," the review continues, "the sheer variety of combinations means it retains the best of Bloodborne's combat while making welcome improvements when it comes to crafting a specific build."

It's not just us that's pleased with Lies of P's similarity to Bloodborne. Our friends over at PC Gamer also scored the game highly, giving it a 74 and describing it as a "competent Soulslike." Over at IGN, they said the game is "the next best thing" to a Bloodborne remaster or sequel, and Polygon compare Lies of P to not only Bloodborne but also Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice thanks to its combat. It's reviews like this that have led Lies of P to also be awarded an 82 on Metacritic.

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