Libyans hail national dish at Couscous Day festival

STORY: The dish, over 13 ft. (4 meters) in diameter, consisted of over 5,500 lbs (2,500 kilos) of couscous and meat of five camels.

Popular in North African countries, couscous is considered one of the basic meals in all cities of Libya. Libyans eat couscous in special events and on the new Hijri year.

Couscous is made from semolina or corn wheat, steam cooked with meat and vegetables and eaten with a spoon or by hand.

The festival, held in Sabratah over 43 miles (70 kilometers) west of the capital Tripoli, is the third edition for the Couscous Day.

"We came from afar, we heard at the last moment of the announcement, and came in our private car since we missed the buses,” said festival attendee Ahlam Fakhri al-Aradi. “But we are very happy with this celebration and this festival.”