Libyan horse breeders keep tradition alive

STORY: Libyan horse breeders are keeping traditions alive

Location: Misrata, Libya

Horse breeding is a source of national pride

with races, auctions and festivals being organized across the country

(Barn owner, Bashir Dardoura) “My love for horses is really an extraordinary love. I inherited it from my father, I learned it from my father and taught it to my children. When the horse is comfortable, I will be too. If it does not eat, I don't eat. If it gets sick, I will be sick too. If the horse is healthy and happy, I'm happy too. Love for horses is an unusual love.”

Traditional shows, known as ‘Mezz,’ are also popular

Men, known as knights, dress horses in decorative accessories

and ride them in as straight a row as possible

(Knight, Adbul Azim Moussi) “Today is the best day for the jockey, the horse and everything. We organize the horses and make sure they are calm. We put the saddle on them and dress them with the best clothes. We like to have the same traditional costume for the rider and the horse. The most important thing is to be consistent with each other, holding one row as if they were one horse.“

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