Libyan artist's work transports people back in time

STORY: These paintings are taking

Libyans back to their childhood

Location: Tripoli, Libya

Adnan al-Qarfani began painting his

favorite TV characters at a young age

He says the characters deliver

an optimistic message

(Adnan al-Qarfani, Libyan Artist)

"These paintings take us back to a beautiful time. They take us back over 30 years when they taught us a lot of positive things, such as Grendizer who defends his country, Flona who was patient, Adnan and Lina (Conan and Lana) who taught us courage, Silver also, from Treasure Island. They always used to give us something that is absent today, which is that good always wins over evil so this gives you an optimistic outlook on life."

The exhibition of Qarfani’s work

allowed parents to share memories with their children

(Yahya al-Daas, Exhibition visitor)

"It was a chance for my kids to see the animations that used to be broadcast when I was ten or eleven years old and they are still in our imagination and even when they broadcast them today we still watch them with our children."