Lib Dems pledge to recruit 100 new water quality inspectors

The Liberal Democrats have pledged to recruit 100 new water quality inspectors as part of a plan to clamp down on sewage-dumping water companies.

Under the party’s proposals, £10 million a year will be spent to increase the number of inspectors and unannounced inspections.

The “sewage-busting” inspectors would be employed by a new regulator, the Clean Water Authority, and they would be able to force entry to sites if water companies are slow to grant permission.

Liberal Democrats leader Sir Ed Davey said: “It is a national scandal that the Conservatives have allowed water firms to mark their own homework.

“A new wave of sewage busters will ensure no water company gets away with polluting our treasured rivers, lakes and coastlines.

“By increasing testing, we can finally get a grip on these polluting and profiteering firms who completely disregard our environment.

“The whole sewage scandal stinks, with water firms making eye-watering profits whilst dumping filthy sewage like no tomorrow.

“Liberal Democrats will hire new sewage-busting inspectors to clamp down on sewage dumping and put a stop to this dreadful scandal.”

The party has previously vowed to scrap the water regulator Ofwat.