Liam Payne Reacts to Old One Direction Videos: 'I Like Watching Everyone Together, It's Nice!'

Brady Langmann
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From Esquire

Thankfully, Liam Payne can laugh at himself.

We asked the pop singer and former One Direction star to lead off our new video series, “I Hate Watching Myself”—where, you guessed it, we ask a good sport to run us through some cringey videos from their past lives. Of course, the “Strip That Down” artist gave us the rundown of a couple clips from those bowl-cutted One Direction days. (It wasn’t easy, either—Payne quips that he “really, really” hates watching himself, like the rest of us.)

First up was an important early show for One Direction: Its 2013 performance on Today, where over 18,000 fans swarmed Rockefeller Center to see the Brits sing live. Rewatching the video, Payne remembered how those early network TV appearances were hyped as the biggest thing in the world for him—but it wasn’t easy to go up on such a public stage right away.

“As a young lad, you’re just like, ‘Help me. I’m really scared right now,’ Payne said.” And I used to have to start all the songs as well, so that made it a double tricky job.”

Later on, Payne revisits something much more recent—his 2018 music video for “For You.” Turns out the surprise-buzzcut he sports in the video was intentional. But he originally wanted a different look.

“I remember having a real massive argument with my manager because I wanted to dye my hair blonde and they wouldn’t let me,” he said. “So I shaved my head right before this happened and that really annoyed everybody, I think.

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