Li Ronghao lashes out after his single release is postponed again

2 Dec– Chinese singer-songwriter Li Ronghao recently took to social media to lash out at his record company and manager for delaying the release of his new single.

As reported on HK01, the usually calm and collected singer posted a rant on Weibo, asking his record label, the many music streaming platforms in China, and his own manager whether it is too difficult to release a song.

"I have been waiting since September, and now you're telling me that nothing has been confirmed just yet. Whenever I ask, you'll say that there is a process. What's with that? You keep giving me the same "it's in the process" response every day, saying that there is nothing wrong," he retorted.

Li also issued an ultimatum to his manager, saying that he will post the song online himself if they are not releasing the song on 5 December.

"Do you think I won't be able to go on without you?" he added.

It is noted that Li's last album was released in October last year. He was originally set to release his new single in May, but had the launch postponed several times.

(Photo Source: Li Ronghao Instagram)