LG's suitcase TV is here – and it's definitely one to watch

 LG StanbyME Go next to dog and golf club
LG StanbyME Go next to dog and golf club

LG has announced that its suitcase TV, the StanbyME Go, is to be globally released, starting in the US in August and with key markets in Europe, including the UK, to begin rolling out from next month (no Australian date has been confirmed yet).

When the StanbyMe Go was first revealed, it was hard to deny its eye-catching appearance – a TV housed within a suitcase. At its core, it has a 27-inch 1080p LED touchscreen, built-in battery with up to three hours of charge and 20W speakers. But, reading further into the specs, there are some surprising but welcome features that meant this novelty TV has more than meets the eye.

The StanbyMe Go supports not just HDR10 but also Dolby Vision, something quite often featured in the best TVs. A sought-after HDR format by movie lovers and gamers alike, Dolby Vision isn't even supported on much larger, more premium TVs.

Also, within this bizarre TV, its speakers do a form of virtual Dolby Atmos, something people often seek out in the best soundbars. The TV will also feature LG’s webOS smart platform as well as Airplay 2, screen-mirroring, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.  It’s a very well specced, albeit small TV.

LG have also put the TV through its paces, with the StanbyME Go successfully completing 11 tests compliant with the U.S. military’s rigorous MIL-STD-810G standard. This tested the TV in varying conditions including low and high pressure and temperature and even accidental drops.

So, is this LG suitcase TV the start of a future outside the living room or another novelty bit of tech that will fade in people’s memories almost as quickly as it arrived?

Analysis: An intriguing TV with a few shortcomings

Although it is surprising just how well specced out and apparently durable the StanbyME Go is, there are two important things to note if you’re considering buying one. The first is the price and the second is battery life. With the battery life clocking in at just three hours, the StanbyME Go will get you through a lot of movies, but if you're caught without the power supply, you sadly won't be having any movie marathons.

The StanbyME Go is priced just under $1,000 – we don't have pricing for other countries yet. In comparison, you can buy a very good laptop or tablet at that kind of a price that will give you longer battery life. Admittedly, the 27-inch screen is a nice size but just how many people will look to cart around something like on a trip with them?

It’s not to say though that the StanbyME Go isn’t a fun idea. The eye-catching suitcase design certainly makes this stand out in the tech market and although this isn’t going to be the next big thing in the world of TVs, it’ll definitely get a few looks if you pop this out while at a campsite. Despite its shortcomings, it's definitely a TV to keep an eye on.