LG's accessible ComfortKit is a win for everyone

 LG ComfortKit on appliances.
Credit: LG

One of my favorite pair of sneakers is the Nike FlyEase; these futuristic lowtops feature a laceless design that snaps in half so you can slip each foot in and then bends down to provide a tight supportive fit. This easy on-off functionality is a timesaver that made the sneakers ideal for multiple flights, entering buildings without shoes, and quickly jumping into the day. FlyEase began as a project to help differently-abled people live independently but the tech makes life easier for everyone of all ages and abilities.

LG's Comfort Kit 1.0 aims to offer the same level of accessibility for its range of appliances. Available in South Korea now and coming to the U.S. next year, these attachments connect to your laundry machine, refrigerator, or other appliance to make them easier to operate for those with limited mobility.

I got a chance to demo LG’s Comfort Kit 1.0 on a recent trip to South Korea. Each of these 3D printed add-ons tackle everyday challenges from opening the latch on a laundry machine to reaching the top shelf of a closet. While they're built to empower individuals who struggle on their own, they make everyday life easier for everyone.

Style Easy Hanger
Style Easy Hanger

I was most drawn to the Style Easy Hanger (pictured above). Simple in concept, this hanger has extended handles and a circular grip for kids or wheelchair users to reach upwards vertically. That way you can grab and store articles of clothing and make the most of the space.

LG ComfortKit handles on appliances
LG ComfortKit handles on appliances

Meanwhile, the Rotate Shelf Kit (a turntable for fridge shelves) spins around so you can easily access the back of your fridge without having to crawl into it. I've gone on many deep-dive expeditions to retrieve milk and hidden snacks on the backside of the fridge over the years, so this add-on is one I'm especially excited about.

The rest of the lineup I tested included easy handles for the dishwasher, washing machine, and fridge. These detachable handles for doors and drawers are easier to hook onto whether you use your hands or place your wrist inside of them and apply pressure. If you lack dexterity or hand strength, the ability to use the wrist motion feels just as natural.

LG says that ComfortKit only works with its appliances for safety reasons, and while these attachments don't necessarily improve the performance of its appliances per se, they could be the deciding factor when someone is shopping for the best washing machine or the best clothes dryer, but had difficulty manipulating the controls.

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