LG fans bemoan end of its smartphone era

Fans of LG Electronics smartphones have voiced their sadness as the South Korean tech firm has said it would stop making handsets.

On Monday (April 5) the firm announced an end to its affordable Android-based devices, blaming a prolonged sales slump.

Many praised LG for the innovation it brought to the industry.

With users in South Korea and the United States posting nostalgic tributes on social media.

LG still holds a roughly 10% share of the U.S. smartphone market.

But globally its slice of the pie is just 2%.

Fans fondly noted some of the company's more unique designs, such as a T-shaped dual screen.

As well as features including a double-tap to turn a screen on and off.

LG, which had been making mobile phones for about a quarter of a century, ultimately fell behind rivals Apple and Samsung

Its smartphone division logged nearly six years of losses, totalling roughly $4.5 billion by the end last year.

For all the fandom, some criticised the phones, saying the shutdown was inevitable.