Let there be water! Officials say taps in Kuala Lumpur will flow again by Thursday night

Residents in and around the Kuala Lumpur area were fearing the worst: Last week, it was announced that a large swathe of the city and its surrounding suburbs would be without water beginning Wednesday, April 24, with cuts expected to last between 48 to 86 hours.

Many feared the worst when officials from Air Selangor told the public to buy drinking water, fill bathtubs, and get used to the idea that anti-bacterial wipes were your new “shower” [Ed. Note: Ok, that’s actually a tip from us].

In perhaps what was the greatest public relations exercise of managing the people’s expectations, Air Selangor took to their Facebook page today to announce that not only had the critical repairs at their Sungai Selangor Phase 2 Water Treatment Plant (SSP2) gone off without a hitch, they were done a lot sooner than anyone could have guessed: Kuala Lumpur will be with water by tonight.

Five-hundred-and-seventy-seven areas throughout the Klang Valley were affected, beginning Wednesday morning; however, by 11pm that same day officials were able to announce that their upgrades were complete. Water has been returning to the KL metropolitan area in stages, as the plant becomes fully operational once more.

Netizens cannot get enough of the swift, transparent operation, led by our own favorite MP and National Water Services Commission chairman Charles Santiago, and are heaping praise on Air Selangor. Adding that not only was the operation carried out much faster than anticipated, the water providers kept consumers well-informed and up to date on what was happening.

And that’s how you do it, kids. Now, let’s just apply this kind of model to everything else, and we’ll be be great.

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