Less female, older, split: What will France's new parliament look like?

A new left-wing alliance won the most seats in France's snap elections, but did not secure an absolute majority. As the National Assembly prepares to convene for the first time on 18 July, what will the lower chamber look like?

Three main blocs emerged from the snap election runoff on 7 July: left, centrist and far right.

While the left-green New Popular Front (NFP) alliance came out on top with 182 seats, Macron's centrist Ensemble! (Together) coalition came close behind on 168, and the far-right, anti-immigration National Rally (RN) and its allies secured 143.

The final numbers could vary slightly with individual MPs choosing to join different groupings before the Assembly's opening session on 18 July.

But so far the picture is as follows:

Breakdown by party

The largest group – NFP – is made up of the hard-left France Unbowed, the Socialists, Communists and Greens.

France Unbowed has 75 seats, the Socialists 65, Greens 33 and Communists nine.

It means that France Unbowed has less weight than before, the other three parties, notably the Socialists, having performed better in these elections than in the last polls of 2022.

All the MPs returned in Lyon, Nantes and Strasbourg are from the left.

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