Leslie Jones Calls GOP Dropout Tim Scott a ‘Milk Dud-Looking Motherf–ker’ in Guest Host ‘Daily Show’ Return (Video)

“The Daily Show’s” latest guest host Leslie Jones had some special insults ready for GOP dropout Tim Scott on Monday night.

On Sunday, the former presidential hopeful announced he was dropping out of the race. “I think the voters, who are the most remarkable people on the planet, have been really clear that they’re telling me, ‘Not now, Tim,'” Scott said during an interview on Fox News.

After playing the clip, Jones pointedly looked at the camera for several seconds. “Not now? No, not now is what you say when a telemarketer calls your door in the dinnertime,” Jones said. “This was more like we ain’t gonna ever, ever-ever-ever-ever vote for you f–ked up ass anti-abortion, anti-gay Milk Dud looking motherf–ker.”

Her tirade was met by applause from the audience before Jones launched into what was “really surprising” about Scott: that his dropout from the race came after Scott publicly revealed his mystery girlfriend. After the third GOP debate last Thursday, Scott introduced the world to his longtime girlfriend, Mindy Noce.

“He brought her out on stage, and then a week later, he drops out,” Jones said. The comedian went on to say that Noce was “only” dating Scott because “she thought he was going to be the president.”

“Hopefully they haven’t been dating long because Conneticut has a two-week return on white women,” Jones said. “Don’t take the tags off, Tim!”

Monday marked the beginning of Jones’ second week as guest host of “The Daily Show.” The former “Saturday Night Live” and “Ghostbusters” star first took over the coveted position the week of Jan. 17. She will be followed a “Daily Show” news team takeover, which will host next week, and Comedy Central alum Michelle Wolf, who will host the week of Nov. 27. That will also mark the final week of the series’ 2023 season.

The network has previously noted that it plans to announce a full-time replacement host for the iconic late night series in 2024.

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